Gerald Haslinger

Mental Health Professional and Educator

Extensive experience working with and delivering mental health training to carers of people living with a mental illness, those they care for and mental health professionals, combined with an honours degree in Psychology has provided Gerald with the knowledge and experience required to produce training material related to mental illness, and Recovery.  His experiences supporting people at risk of suicide both in person and through a crisis support line as well as having delivered suicide intervention training for many years have contributed to his development of an introductory course about suicide intervention. 

Author Detail

Gerald has extensive experience as a mental health support worker and educator delivering mental health, communication and suicide intervention training to carers, people living with a mental illness, community members and corporate clients.    In addition, Gerald has spent considerable time volunteering as a Crisis Support Work for a telephone support service as well as delivering training to other volunteers in that service.

Having completed an honours degree in psychology, a certificate IV in mental health and various other qualifications relating to mental health and suicide intervention, Gerald is well qualified to write about mental illness and Recovery.   His honours research focused on the level of knowledge that carers and mental health workers enjoy with regard to Recovery from mental illness and this has equipped him well to provide education on these and related topics.

He is currently the principal training consultant with Mental Health Training Australia and a counsellor.